Monday, April 11, 2011

Eat to Live or Live to eat? Part 2 (culture difference)

In the previous post,

I stop by implying that the objective of our life intend to affects how we react.

The debate whether Eat to Live or Live to Eat

is very much depend on how individual capture the meaning of the statement Eat to Live or Live to Eat,I have manage to come across where people perceive it as:

Live to Eat - Contribution of individual < Consumption from the society

The contribution of the individual to the society in general is much lesser than what he takes from the society, exploits every chance they get.

Eat to live

Individual contribute to the society by taking just enough for their requirements and in general leave a surplus for the society ( which gets swallowed up by the persons who live to eat ! )

In Asian context, typically Chinese has been told & taught to work hard and work for money.

It has been embed in the root of Chinese culture that getting rich is the correct way to live our life.

Money is critically important to Chinese!

A way to justify this is through the lyrics of Chinese New Year songs.

In my personal opinion, there is no right or wrong.

It depends on how you want your life to be ( In this case, Mine)

In my experience with Western culture,


Eat to live or live to eat? part 1

An honest question you should ask yourselves

Every movement we make, every decision we take is suppose to mean something or to achieve something. Throughout my journey in life especially getting myself expose to my classmate of my Master Program, I realize the real meaning of cultural difference.

According to Henry Fielding, we must eat to live and live to eat.

The surface meaning is that we should have a balance life, knowing when to enjoy and when to pay our efforts. I am totally agree with this statement. In fact, it is the key rule of survival. However, If you able to magnifying this statement, it leads to another interesting question that I always wanted the answer.

What are we living for?

after enhancing the language to be more “friendly & normal” language:

What is your objective of life?

In this case, MY LIFE. (Psychology theory indicates that when an individual using capital letter on certain words subconsciously indicates the importance of the meaning of the words)

Having this "My Life is critically important to me but I am uncertain what I want to achieve in my life"

is similar with an organization that knowing the importance of continuous improvement & doing everything they can do to increase their performance

It will be fine, but fine in not so effective way & potentially under utilize the potential they have

Look into the social media like Facebook,

a lot of grumpy people complains about monday's blues, meaningless job or even life..

Undeniably, sometimes we does fall into these category of grumpy people

Ever cross your mind what leads to these frustrations?

According to Donald Trump (2010), frustration can mean that maybe you are expecting too much or it can be an indication of you should be or could be doing more.

Applying this statement into the situation, putting the independent variable aside, the variable is the objective of our life.

Therefore we can hypothesize that:

(1) When we knowing that what we are expecting too much form our life but we do not get that in reality, we feel frustrated.


When we subconsciously realize that the thing we are doing is not align to our objective (short term objective & long term objective), we will feel frustrated.

At the end, we do realize that our Long term goal shape our short term goal ; Our Short term goal continuously affect our long term goal. (management 101)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Europe Trip 2010 with my lovely family

I have chosen some of the best photo
taken by me during my Europe trip

Let's start with the scenery
& from Rome